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The Primed Drinker When Alcoholism Is Not The Problem & Recovery Is Not The Solution

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"Alcoholism has become a powerful belief system. When you take on the identity of an alcoholic, not only do you have to address your physical habit to drink, but you’ve also got to navigate who you’re supposed to be, how you should think, and what your behavior will be.
Our culture makes a one-size-fits-all assumption in which, if you mention a struggle with alcohol, no matter how much of a struggle it is, you’re labeled alcoholic and start moving along the recovery conveyor belt.  Teresa Rodden is out to change that!

The Primed Drinker explores the often overlooked middle ground between social and alcoholic drinking. Through Rodden’s personal experience, case studies, and exploration of science that disrupts the common understanding of alcoholism (addiction), she raises powerful questions about how to change your relationship with alcohol and offers promising solutions."


“Rodden’s message is revolutionary: the time has come for women to start rethinking their drinking so they can start loving their lives. Exploring the continuum of choices from abstinence to mindful moderation to misuse, she gives readers a step-by-step approach to carve a new path in life, free of struggles with alcohol.”
Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D., BCC, 
Founder of The Executive Insight Development Group, Inc.
& The Boss Whispering Institute

Exciting Alternative Approach to Addiction Recovery
“The Primed Drinker drives home how sobriety is much more than simply not drinking or participating in addictive behavior. Through Teresa’s artfully shared examples of her own journey to contentment through “not wanting to miss another second of life,” she speaks to the true essence of sobriety. She has identified what often drives problem drinking in women: when we feel powerless and trapped in our obligations and multiple roles. Teresa provides an exciting alternative approach to addiction recovery, through fully and mindfully embracing our core life force from Spirit and our power to choose. By focusing on creating our passion-filled lives, we no longer have the need to numb out.”
Mimi Cogswell, LPC, PC
Mental Health Therapist

The Primed Drinker Offers The Reader A Map
Blind spots are called blind spots for a reason. If we only observe our life from our personal experience and perspective – we can miss a great deal. This is especially true when it comes to women and alcohol. Teresa opens the door and offers women a gentle invitation, full of grace and understanding, to explore their relationship with alcohol. Diving into the challenges and questions that women have when they are in-between social drinking and being entirely controlled by alcohol, Teresa dives deep into proven processes that are empowering. There isn’t a cookie cutter, one size fits all for looking at your life and habits with a clear head while determining if your life is running you or if you are running it. The Primed Drinker offers the reader a map and lets the reader control the navigation. Vive la Sober Revolution!
Alexis Chapman
Author & Recovery Advocate
A Refreshing Look at Alternatives to 12 Step and Rehab
The Primed Drinker is a refreshing look at what it means to drink to excess. Shattering the long-held tradition that AA is the only solution to problem drinking, aka alcoholism, author Teresa Rodden, takes a bold stand against what some believe to be the only solution for someone to stop drinking. From a look inside her own drinking, to stories of family members, friends, clients and casual acquaintances, Teresa’s writing style is as engaging as it is informative. Giving readers an alternative to 12 step and rehab programs, Teresa is a pioneer in an area that is long overdue for choices other than what most have been led to believe. As someone who has been sober for over 35 years, I can highly recommend The Primed Drinker for anyone questioning your choices around alcohol and how to live a sober, fulfilled life.
Kathleen Gage
Author, marketing strategist/consultant, keynote speaker
A New, Fresh, and Uplifting Pathway to Healing
A couple decades ago I was diagnosed with clinical depression and walked the path toward recovery like so many people ... take pills, attend therapy, pretend everything is fine.  For a decade, I lived in a fog of prescriptions that kept me in my depression mindset.
One day a psychologist said to me, “You are NOT your diagnosis!” And it changed everything.
Teresa’s perspective is the same, “Just because you drink doesn’t make you an alcoholic.” And, her perspective that the typical sober pathway, is almost as numbing as the alcohol itself; take away all of that and we have a fresh new perspective on alcohol and how we can “reframe” our thinking about it.
The Primed Drinker offers a new, fresh, and uplifting pathway to healing, to recovery, to living Wholly Sober.
Aaron C. Yeagle
Digital Marketing Consultant

A Significant Contribution
The Primed Drinker has absolutely nailed the complex neuroscience and contemporary research in a most compelling and accessible way. Anyone who reads this book cannot fail to leave it without an engaged mind and re think of their own vocabulary around alcohol. What a significant contribution.
Louise Baker
Award Winning Hypnotherapist
Certified Havening Practitioner


Wholly Sober and Reviews

Wholly Sober How I Stopped Thinking About Drinking and Started Loving My Life



Finally! A non-judgmental approach to how we live!

Teresa is heartful and at times funny in this all too serious topic! Great read, will grab you from the beginning. This is a book that needed to be written. Share with a friend!


A page-turner!

I could not put this book down. Teresa’s story kept my interest the whole way through. She has lived a tough life and turned it into a positive by being of service to others. Teresa’s story will inspire others who suffer from alcohol. Know there is a solution. Great read!

For anyone who may be struggling with addiction, trying to stay sober or looking for another way - read this book!
Finally, someone who shares the same viewpoint as I do and speaks the truth! Teresa's book is not only a story about her chaotic life with drinking, it is eye-opening, brings honest insight and sheds new light on an area filled with myths. You will have a new perspective about what it means to truly live "sober". She not only quit drinking, she completely transformed her life.
As someone who stopped drinking 18 years' ago, I thought I was one of the few or maybe the only one who had the same thoughts and feelings about being an alcoholic as well as the conventional method used to stop drinking. Just like so many, I bought into the myths about addiction - being powerless over alcohol, if you have a problem with alcohol then you're an alcoholic, a 12 step program is the only way to stop drinking and if you don't go to meetings you will drink again.
After excessive drinking on a daily basis then reaching a low point in my life with alcohol, I suddenly stopped for three months and was convinced that I needed 12 step meetings in order to stop drinking forever so I followed a 12 step program for a while. One day I realized that I didn't want to feel powerless over alcohol and it was about the choices I made, so I attended my last 12 step meeting eight years ago. Even though I didn't go through all 12 steps, I haven't had a drink or the desire to drink either. I honestly don't know if I am an "alcoholic" or not and I learned a lot from the 12 step program. All I know is from my own experience that there is another way.

Wholly Sober was so refreshing. Teresa’s honesty & vulnerability is inspiring. Her writing style & humor are on point.

Wholly Sober was so refreshing. Teresa’s honesty & vulnerability is inspiring. Her writing style & humor are on point. Teresa is skilled at tackling the topic of trauma, interpersonal violence & addiction from a place of personal empowerment without backsliding into victim blaming herself or the others in her life’s experience. In my personal experience and many years of professional social work experience it is rare to find this skill.

For myself, as a woman who has 16 years , 3 months & 17 days sober from heroin without working a 12 Step program I felt a deep sense of resonance with Teresa’s book. I started using drugs and alcohol at 13. I was addicted to meth at age 16 and eventually graduated to heroin. I spent my 21st birthday in inpatient drug treatment. After rehab I went to a handful of meetings and didn’t feel like it was the place for me. At times I’ve wondered how I did it? Resilience? Stubbornness? Hope? I do know that addiction and problematic intoxication is isolating. And I know that many people find great recovery & profound community in 12 Step programs. But I never did. And although my life isn’t isolated my recovery sort of is. My 16 plus years clean from heroin and other hard drugs is so important to me. And not seeing this mirrored back in our word is isolating. I’ve learned to be cautious around 12 Step folks when talking recovery. I usually get some version of disbelief and a warning that without a program of recovery I’m going to end up using again. Reading this book was a great reminder that there are other ways.

I do go to meetings every once in a while. I do know, like any spiritual practice that when I ask and listen I will hear what I need to hear. So without fail I always hear something deeply meaningful & helpful in meetings. I also hear the incredible amount of suffering that women, in particular, experience. The amount of trauma, physical & sexual violence that women in the rooms have experienced is staggering. And I wonder…Had they not experienced these trauma or received appropriate nurturance & care from their families, communities & social institutions after the trauma would they have ever needed to use drugs or alcohol to medicate. My best guess is not.
So I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in exploring another path to your recovery. Teresa offers up to you her experience and her professional work in helping others as an option for you. And I can say from my own experience there is another way.

Wholly Sober book
Wholly Sober book