A Writing Workshop Designed for Discovery, Freedom, and Empowerment

Why Discovery and Freedom Through Story


Get the writing done!


Have you been thinking about writing your story for a long time? But feel intimidated? 

Have you been told you should write a book? But don't know where to start.

Have you been searching for support? But not sure what kind of support you need. 

Are you concerned you don't have the time to write a book?

Life Coach, Author, and Advocate for Freedom, 

Teresa Rodden knows the power and freedom of getting your story out of your heart and head and onto paper.

HOW MUCH: $499 

(1) 3 hour private session with workbook.

(2) Follow up sessions to keep you inspired and working.

Resources to support you moving toward publishing. 


The proven process

Author of Wholly Sober, Teresa Rodden Best New Release

I had a completely different book in my head when I began. But thirty days later, I had my first draft done.

I was selling my published book in less than ninety days.

I hired a coach and had an editor to help me through the process. 

And both would tell you that my approach was unique
and not typical.

But it worked!

It got what was deep inside me out and on the paper and it wasn't what I originally thought, including the title.

I can help you discover and write your story, too.


Getting to work


You hold the pen.

You have the power.

What happened in the past is in the past.

How you tell your story is key to empowerment and freedom.

You will learn:

How to organize your thoughts

How to track your experience

How to fill in the gaps

How to gain insight

How to put your thoughts into words

You will get:

Personal coach support

Guided breath and movement to prime you for optimal writing  

Quiet time to write with intention

Share your writing in a safe space 

A guided workbook that is the perfect blueprint to carry you across the finish line!

You'll leave with your bound book in hand.

Best of all:


Let's talk!

Interested? Let's talk.

I would be so honored to partner with you in this work. 

Please schedule a consultation so we can chat about your project. 



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